What’s in the box!? 😐

I recently received a package in the mail that I did not order or expect. It had a handwritten letter addressed to me and a small wooden box with the cover nailed shut. Kinda freaky…

Initial thoughts? I thought maybe I had some long lost relative reaching out to me until I read the letter (which was in cursive by the way… I hate cursive). Then I thought it might contain something horrific like a body part or anthrax. So I did what any normal millennial would do… Google it.

I found someone had posted a blog writing about the exact same letter with the same weird box. What is this… 😶

I decided to go Facebook live with the unboxing. If this were an elaborate assassination attempt it would at least be caught on camera.

Spoilers… I’m not dead 😛

Here’s a video of the unboxing.